02-03-2020: February Plans!

Hey, all! Before we discuss what we've got planned for development this month, make sure you give the latest build a try! https://crestpeak-bay.itch.io/crestpeak-bay

For February, we are going to do two things: continue to add CONTENT, in the form of sprites, portraits, and dialogue, and lay the groundwork for some real GAMEPLAY, in the form of workout and cafe minigames.

Here is a more detailed list of things we're looking to tackle for the next build:

  • Quintuple total dialogue by creating Bar, Park, Cafe, and Mall dialogue
  • Add 8 generic adult filler NPCs for said locations: Portraits and Sprites
  • Add day phase transitions
  • Lay down architecture and create assets for workout and barista minigames
  • Possible audio additions

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