02-10-2020: Music is Important

Every game needs an awesome soundtrack. It's a tough balancing act. The music is a HUGE part of creating the feel of the game. It has to strike a balance; being memorable without being distracting, being complementary without being boring.

The music in Crestpeak will take two forms. There is the daily life accompaniment and more thematic event music.

Thematic event music will be composed as individual tracks. There will be themes for different emotional contexts, and dateables will be receiving their own themes. Minigames will also receive their own music.

Daily life music is a bit more interesting. Each day phase will have a base tempo and basic harmonic root, and when the player travels to different locations, different layers will be added to fit that location. This is really basic interactive layering, which has existed in games for a while now, and some popular titles that feature it prominently include Banjo-Kazooie and LittleBigPlanet's original music.

Daily life music will come first as the daily life sim gameplay will take shape before we really start to incorporate NPC content, so keep an eye (or rather, an ear) out for that!

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