03-09-2020: Marching On

Hey, all! Have you messed around with the latest build? If not, get on that! https://crestpeak-bay.itch.io/crestpeak-bay 

March is here and it's time to look back on February before moving onto our plans for this month. I think it's always important to evaluate our goal-setting and goal-meeting performance so that moving forward we improve our ability to set the right expectations for our supporters as well as our ability to knock them out of the park. So here are last month's stated goals:

  • Quintuple total dialogue by creating Bar, Park, Cafe, and Mall dialogue (25% finished. Main issue: communication)
  • Add 8 generic adult filler NPCs for said locations: Portraits and Sprites (100% finished)
  • Add day phase transitions (100% finished)
  • Lay down architecture and create assets for workout and barista minigames (50% finished, but extra work done on workout game. Opted to create a fully playable version of the workout minigame as opposed to two half-baked games.)
  • Possible audio additions (100% finished)

All in all, not a bad month! Here's what we have planned for the next build in April...

  • Finish adult filler dialogue in Bar, Park, and Mall
  • Implement 8 adult filler NPCs into the Cafe
  • Introduce basic movement patterns for NPCs in locations
  • Implement standard UI SFX
  • Implement layered music

Wish us luck!

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