04-06-2020: Staying Strong

Hey, all! I'm really pleased with how the music turned out in the latest build. To check it out, go play it! https://crestpeak-bay.itch.io/crestpeak-bay 

March was a tough month for... well, just about everyone... Thankfully, we are working remote so we were able to accomplish just about everything we set out to

  • Finish adult filler dialogue in Bar, Park, and Mall (0% finished. Reason: COVID-19)
  • Implement 8 adult filler NPCs into the Cafe (100% finished)
  • Introduce basic movement patterns for NPCs in locations (100% finished... much editing to be done in the future on actual pathing and collision)
  • Implement standard UI SFX (100% finished)
  • Implement layered music (100% finished)

This month we'll be working on one major addition, the second of our five or six eventual mini-games.

  • Develop and implement a Cafe mini-game
  • Various housekeeping tasks

Stay safe, listen to experts, and maybe pick up an at-home fitness routine if you haven't already!

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